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Hallelujah! I’ve learned how to take/upload/use pictures with my new camera, and will now be able to post pictures once again!

So, here are some random pictures with brief descriptions.

Below is a picture from this past weekend. You can see our front pasture (the field in the background) has something like 3 new creeks going through it. And, this was certainly not at the worst point in the flooding…

We had a gully-washer!

We had a gully-washer!

Mama and I (with some brawny help from the fellas) de-cluttered and rearranged nearly the entire downstairs! It was exciting progress that we hadn’t even planned on. The following are pictures (primarily for Laura’s sake, who knows what it all looked like before our work).


Foyer – Front Half

Foyer - 2nd Half

Foyer – 2nd Half



Hallway - Looking in from the dining room

Hallway – Looking in from the dining room

Hallway - Looking from the laundry room

Hallway – Looking from the laundry room

Dining Room - Entry, looking from table

Dining Room – Entry, looking from table

Butcher Block - At least temporarily adding to our counter space!

Butcher Block – At least temporarily adding to our counter space!

And, we changed up some other stuff, but I didn’t get pictures of everything. So, I’ll move on to… yesterday, how ’bout. Mama and I went to Franklin (and surrounding area) for just a day together. It was so nice! We went to several antique stores (which we’re always wanting to do, and never really have time to do…) after I GOT MY HAIR CUT! I finally did it. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous, but I’m so glad I did it! Besides, even if I don’t end up loving it long-term, my hair tends to grow fast. I’ll have long hair soon enough. 🙂 But, right now, I’m loving it.

Oh, too bad I haven’t taken an “after” picture with my new hair cut. But, I do have a picture of me and my stylist during the hair cutting.

Haircut at Breon

Haircut at Breon

Here’s a picture from our visit to an antique shop. Most everything was “French” something-or-other. Apparently, that makes it REALLY valuable.

Yep. You read that right: "French Hoe $38"

Yep. You read that right: “French Hoe $38”

Well, that’s it for now, I reckon. Today I need to get some cleaning done, so I’d better get to it. Over and out!






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The Changing of an Era

And here we are, folks, at the other side of the wedding. The newlyweds are off, enjoying their honeymoon. The church and family wait eagerly to receive them in Illinois, and the church and family in Tennessee are a little lonely.

Needless to say, I cried on-and-off (mostly on) all day this past Sunday, after saying my “final” goodbye to my sister. But, at the moment, my tears are tucked safely away, and the only question lingering is, “What now?”.

Thankfully, over the past few days, I’ve really begun to feel more happy than sad about this union. I was always happy about it, but the fear of facing day-to-day life without Laura was often more than I wanted to bear. Through the struggle, however, I have become aware of the fact that this is the changing of an era – and it is changing only because the LORD wills it, and in exactly the way that He wills it. That is amazingly comforting.

So, I am slowly learning how to adapt to this new era, and am truly becoming excited about whatever lies ahead. That’s a good feeling.


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