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Home Alone

Just us three older kids. Hmm. This has possibly never happened before, and is, therefore, a little strange.

First step: Do something you wouldn’t normally do (you know: adventurous, different, or too expensive with 6 people).

Success: Well… It turns out that our creativity and spontaneity are more than a little weak. We started out with, “I’m depressed. We should do something.” That resulted in a “wild, adventurous” trip all the way to Dickson. That trip included the purchase of some very needed curly fries, some other fast food for supper, a dash through the car wash (whoa! Hadn’t been through one of those in a LONG time… me or the car, for that matter…), and a visit to WalMart.

The latter did, at least, mean that we are now in possession of ice cream.

Then, today we went canoeing with a group from church. That was so much fun!

Oh, and now we’re setting up a game of BananaGrams. Great game, that.

More later… may be. 🙂



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Goings On

We went to Disney World! 

We had so much fun, I can’t very well describe it. Pretty much everything went right… well, WAY better than we had ever allowed ourselves to hope for. There was hardly any waiting in lines, and we did practically everything in every park.

Laura and Luke are ready to go back. Right now. At this moment. (Ooh, I feel a song coming on… 😉

And “It’s a Small World” is going through my head, as it has been off-and-on ever since going on the ride. Not my favorite, but better than “In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room). No kidding – it repeats that very line over and over again. It was really… strange.

So, what were some highlights of the trip, you might ask…

Favorite moments:

Definitely, hands down, no question – meeting the Vaughns in Animal Kingdom. Need I say more? Can it get more awesome? Love that family. To attempt to put it in more modern slang, or, perhaps just inspired by everyone’s favorite sea turtle Crush (from Nemo), “They are some totally fave peeps, dude.” That is assuming that “fave” is short for favorite, and “peeps” is short for people.

Another highlight was meeting the Hope family from Florida. It turns out that some of their “long distance” friends are currently our next-door neighbors! Wow…. suddenly singing “It’s a Small World” again.


Favorite Ride:

Can a pick two? They are definitely Rockin’ Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios) and Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom). We rode the latter one 4 times in one day. And it was worth it every time! Plus, we found where the cameras are on the rides and posed as a whole family. THAT was fun.


Any Souvenirs?

Yup. I got everything I had hoped to get. I semi-actively collect cookbooks. So, I found a Disney Cookbook and purchased it as soon as I saw it… after having the price checked. I definitely don’t miss Disney’s price tags.

And, since I had Disney earrings from… somewhere over a decade ago… but, lost them quite some time ago, I thought I’d find me some more. These would be my other souvenir. Would be? Yeah, well… I finally found some clip-on Disney earrings. They were even reasonably priced! I purchased them then and there. I wore them in the evenings at the house (careful not to wear them in the parks, for fear of losing them). One evening, I walked into our bedroom, and, low and behold, I was wearing only one earring.

It is a mystery story with no conclusion. We searched high and low over that house – even going so far as digging through the trash that had just been taken out to the cans outside.

So, I’ve come home with a cookbook and an earring. Oh, well. 🙂


To read more about our visit to Disney World – and vacation as a whole, visit Laura’s blog. She has lots of great photos, and blogged about each day as it passed. Check out http://www.reformedtngirl.wordpress.com.


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