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Since I’m sitting here, I thought I’d post. I know – two posts in one 6-month period – it’s shocking, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ll quickly list what’s been going on lately:

– We now have LOTS of roosters, and 4 hens. Long time no chickens.

– I got a haircut! Whohoo! Only, it’s relatively unnoticeable to most folks (so don’t expect anything radical). I requested that it be no shorter than it had to be to get rid of split ends, and such. So, almost no length was taken off. But, I’m serious when I say I must have 2/3 the amount of hair I went in there with. The stylist was shocked by the sheer volume of hair (it’s incredibly thick) that I had, and seemed to want to help “alleviate”. So, she did some subtle layering, and lots of thinning. Amazing!

– And I’m back… Took a 2 (+/-) hour break for family worship, conversation, and farm stuff. Farm stuff? Yeah, well, life is always adventurous. Just when you think things are “normalizing”, something happens to remind you that adventurous is normal. Ah, well.

– We had a dentist appointment today. Traditionally, we all 6 go into Nashville, and take turns getting our teeth cleaned. Sometimes, Daddy goes separately, and leaves for work after his appointment. This, however, was the first time that Kyle had to go separately in order to get home in time to cut hay. Haying is certainly not an unusual task, but life is changing. 🙂

– Um… Well… I’m now thinking (even more seriously) that I should learn how to do some basic “vet” skills (preg checks, primarily). Yeah, that’s thanks to the farm adventures lately. I’m also thinking that I need a WHOLE herd of dairy cows made up of Macushlas. She’s such a sweetheart! She’s my favorite-est pet ever.

And, now it’s really late. But, for the sake of getting this in (since I may not post for a really long time), here are some upcoming events:

– Family visit tomorrow.

– I play piano for entire service this LORD’s Day.

– Friends move to TN on 17th!

– Missionary Ridge plays in Loudon, TN on the 18th

Missionary Ridge plays at Wilson Co. Fair on Tuesday (August 21st)! This sounds like so much fun. We’re hoping the whole family can come, and may be some friends… Any takers? I think Dailey & Vincent are playing that day, too. Y’all come!

And, I’ll end there for now. Good night!




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