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Hello Again

Hey, no kidding! I have a blog. What a great place to write stuff!

Right. Well, I’ve stuck to my decision to not make the blog a priority. And, believe it or not, I’ve not quite forgotten I had one. I need to go make yogurt and begin supper prep in a few minutes, so I’ll take a second to post.

What have I been up to? Um… Still pretty much the normal stuff, I reckon. Kyle and I continue to play with Missionary Ridge, so we’re traveling (generally) at least once every week, at least 2 hours one way.

When people find out how far we drive each week, they’re astounded. But, in my mind, it’s more than worth the ride. Thanks to these travels, we get to see our very dear friends (aka fellow band members) often, we’ve stayed in touch with some old friends, we get to perform on stage in front of hundreds of people (my childhood dream come true!), we get to meet countless great folks, we’ve had once-in-a-lifetime experiences over and over again, and SO MUCH MORE! Plus, I get to wear sparkly clothes and bling-y jewelry. That’s probably… okay, definitely… a childhood dream come true, too. 🙂

Right now, though, I’m thankful for two things, in particular. Thanks to hours and hours and hours and hours… in the car, I know my little brother better than ever – and vice-versa. We’ve done practically everything together – all in a passenger’s and driver’s seat . We’ve laughed till our sides hurt and tears are running down are cheeks. We’ve cried – not from joy – and mourned together. (In the car, there’s no hiding anything. You can’t exactly go hide in your closet to cry when there’s 2 hours left on the road.) We’ve had long, deep discussions. We’ve had tense, stressful discussions. We’ve had ridiculously fluffy discussions (hence the laughing so hard). We’ve written, sung, and critiqued songs. We’ve felt great and been sick. And, we’ve had lots and lots of fast food.

Except maybe for that last thing, I wouldn’t change a thing. No one could ask for a better brother, and pretty much no one gets this kind of one-on-one time with such a brother. So, would I trade it for easier Thursdays and less travel? Nope.

The second thing is that, on top of all this amazing stuff, we’ve gotten to see our grandmother more. She lets us crash at her place as a half-way point after late gigs. How great is that? We get a place to stay, comfortable beds, AND a grandmother’s hospitality and affection – ALL IN ONE! We stayed there this past Saturday after playing at the Sutton’s Old Time Radio Show again. We got in even later than expected, and I was ready to unwind. And, there she was, waiting for us, ready to help us unwind. We talked for…? A long time… about fluffy and serious stuff. No agenda, just a visit. She’s great. (Love you, Grammy!)

Wow, it’s getting late. Better get going on supper.

Over and out.



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Not Gone…

…just otherwise engaged. For an update:

I’m currently working on a website… sort of. Oh, yeah. Miss Techy, here.

I’m also teaching 5 fiddle students.

And, what else? Life, I suppose. You could find me picking mint, cooking, brainstorming (I do a lot of that. I just need to find a way to take it from the “dream stage” aka “napkin” to reality.), general housekeeping, writing songs, and so much more.

Now, back to life.

So long!


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