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Like I said, while I’m on the blog, I might as well post a bit more.

So, the title to this post is a line from a song in “Call Me Madam”, and it kept going through my head this weekend.


Simple. We finally had the opportunity to host some friends overnight after a late fellowship Sunday night. Woohoo! We’ve been looking forward to this for a LONG time. When we lived 2:30 to 3:30 hours from church, we were hosted time and time again by our dear friends. We loved every minute of it. But, we were sad that we had very little opportunity to host anyone ourselves – whether overnight or just for an afternoon. So, now that we have moved and live less than 10 minutes from where our church is currently meeting, the possibility of being a “host family” has gone way up.

After church this weekend, we had a couple of families over to fellowship (our fancy word for “hang out” and, pretty much without exception, “eat”). I had such a great time! These families are so dear to us, and we really enjoyed having them in our home. There’s just nothing like getting to know someone in your own home. It creates a deeper bond than you might get ordinarily, I think. And, as it turns out, both of these families have quite a commute to church. One drives about an hour and a half, I think, and the other drives over 2 hours! We have a lot of sympathy, and very quickly saw the opportunity to… beg. I was so excited when I heard Mama talking about trying to get a least some of them to stay over.

“It’s so late…” and, “Such a long drive…” and, “He’s so tired…” kept going around in the conversation. All I could think, beyond “Boy, that sounds familiar,” was Yippee! So, with a little nudge here and there, we ended up with a couple of guests. We wouldn’t want the poor fella to be driving so late when he’s so tired, and for such a long way on such a dark night, would we, now? And, his brother rode down with him, so, naturally, he should stay and ride back with him, right? Most definitely. Thus, our new-found guests and we played Mexican Train (a form of dominoes) until 11:00 p.m., or so. Then we kept saying “we should go to bed, now,” until about midnight. Oh, yeah. I have such awesome friends!

I really felt like “… the hostess with the mostest…”


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While I’m on the blog, I might as well get some more info up, right?

For more advertising:


We (Missionary Ridge) have been hard at work on our 2nd album. This has been such a fun experience, and I think we’re going to have a good final product. And, to emphasize that, I think it’s going to be WAY yonder better than the first “Guinea pig” project. We learned a lot from that first CD, and walked back into the studio with much more confidence, understanding, and motivation.

I don’t have an exact date for when this CD will be out, but it’s well on its way now. If any of y’all would be interested in one, just leave a comment, email, or call, and we’ll put your name on the list. We’ll be sure to send it to you ASAP. I can only assume that the price will be the same as the first, at $15.00 per.

Among the songs are the frequently-requested Poor Wayfaring Stanger, Those Memories, Workin’ on a Building, Lover’s Waltz, as well as many more, including 2 originals! I’ll have to save those titles for later…


Now for a farm update.


Think… Think… Think…

Not much unusual has been happening lately.

But, check out my next post to find out what’s up beyond the farm life.




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Wow, does time fly!

I’m just now coming around to the reality that March is here. That being the case, I sent out a couple of mailers to advertise for the Daniel Brantley Foundation, and thought I’d update my nearly forgotten blog.

While reading the following advertising (that I conveniently copied and pasted from a recent email that I composed), please keep in mind that March 17th is LESS than 2 WEEKS AWAY! Wow.

On March 17th, the Brantleys (our dear friends and band leader) are hosting their 8th annual bluegrass event and auction. All the profit goes toward helping families who are dealing with childhood cancer. For those of you who may not know, the Brantleys’ only child, Daniel, died 8 years ago after a 10+ year battle with Leukemia. He was diagnosed at age 11, and was quite a witness throughout his illness.
I know it’s a lot to ask, and it will be impossible for many to do, but I’d like to ask you to at least consider attending this event. The tickets are $15.00 a piece, and the shows are at 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. It will take place at the Conference Center in Manchester, TN (at the Holiday Inn).
Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition are the featured bluegrass band, and let me tell you, they’re great! They’re fun to watch, great to listen to, and wonderful folks. Our band, Missionary Ridge, will also be playing both shows. There will be an auction at each show, as well as an enjoyable and unpredictable (but clean…) appearance from Vic “Paw” Graves. He’s quite the comedian, as well as musician, and always makes for an enjoyable evening.
Again, I understand that this will be next to impossible for most, if not all of you, but, I thought I’d pass along the information. If you have any questions concerning the event or the foundation in general, just email me.
If you would like to make a donation to the auction, or know of someone who might, please let me know! Very little has been donated yet. I’ve seen most anything donated from recliners to bicycles; musical instruments; gift baskets; China dolls; homemade furniture; wreaths; gift cards, and everything in between. I’ll probably be donating some baked goods.
We would sincerely appreciate any and all support for this event. If you know of anyone who might be interested, feel free to forward this information along to them. For those of you on FaceBook, I believe the Daniel Brantley Foundation has a page. Check it out!
Thanks for reading this and hope to see you there!

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