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Clutch. The word might bring any number of things to mind. In the past, I have often thought of the adorable little pocket books that have been tastefully completing ladies outfits for many years. Beyond this (or, perhaps before), I think of several dear friends of ours who find that mind boggling thrill in the continual discussion of all things relating to automobiles. Having been present for countless of these discussions, phrases like “pop the clutch” are not foreign to me. However, until today, the phrase had little to no real meaning to me.

Kyle took me out this afternoon for, technically, my second lesson on driving a 5 speed. My first lesson took place several months ago, and was very short. So, as this was practically my first time, I’m proud to say that I killed it only once. I really don’t know how I did beyond that. Kyle makes a good teacher, I think. Hopefully I’m an okay student.

I do have hope that I will be able to successfully operate this vehicle, and in (again, hopefully) the not-so-distant future.

We shall see…


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