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And We’re Back!

… In the studio again. I’m currently sitting in the studio at Mr. Tom T. Hall’s place, waiting on the rest of the band to arrive. Kyle and I showed up about a half an hour early, so, I have a few minutes for my practically forgotten blog.

We’re getting ready to start work on our second album – the name of which I don’t yet know. I’m not sure anybody knows. But, I’ll “keep you posted”, which means, most likely, that I’ll update the folks I see a lot in person, and eventually get around to posting the details… later. Let’s just face it, I’m not much of a blogger (and, honestly, don’t really have plans of becoming one). 🙂

Today’s studio goal: start work on (if not finish) Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Lover’s Waltz, How Blue, and one that I will not name yet. It’s an original fiddle tune written by Mr. Brantley, himself! Some of you got to hear a bit of it at our Reformation Day dance a few days ago. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Well, I’m not sure how much “free time” I’ll have this go-round in the studio, but, if I have much, I may post more regularly.

Over and out.



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