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Umm… Nice title. Better read on to know what I mean. 🙂

We’ve recently acquired two very small kittens – half bengal, half… mut? But, we’re stuck. The poor little fellers have no names.

We’ve gone through lots of word-pairs, famous hero-&-sidekicks, and so forth.

Rat and Brashley (Oh, yeah. The famous “Went With the Wind” heroes. Not sure I like Rat as a name, though.)

Ret and Brashely (May be. NOTE: that is an intentional misspelling on that first one. It still holds to the above heroes, and Ret also stands for Reticent, which seems to fit one of them. The other is a bit brash, too. Hmm.)

Mingo and Tonto (Don’t know if I spelled those right, but they’re some great sidekicks.)

Spit and Spot (Taken from Mary Poppins’ quote “spit-spot”, but I don’t like either as a name.)

Dailey&Vincent (For all my bluegrass-loving readers… Our previous cats were named Flatt and Scruggs. Might be a little weird, though, since Jamie Dailey is a friend of Mr. Brantley’s, and he hears from him every once in a while.)

Spam and Spam (A reference to… Well, if you’ve seen it, you probably get it. I’ll leave it at that. However, this pair could get somewhat confusing, I think.)

Humperdink and Pumpernickel (Again, not sure about the spelling. These are just fun to say. They have nothing to do with each other, as far as I know. May be rather than nick-naming them Hump and Pump we could do Dink and Nickel… or something…)

Stripes and Spots (A George of the Jungle quote. How is it that Spot can continue to be so popular?)

Bob and Mike (No reference, no quote, no comment.)

There’s lots more, including pairs like Stealth and Sly, Divide and Conquer, Mo and Curly, and so forth.

More ideas? Comments?


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