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General Update

Well, all the cows survived the flooding, as did all the fence, I think. However, we are pretty eager to get all the cows over here out of the flood plane.

This past Saturday, we (Missionary Ridge) played for the Winchester Dogwood Festival. I had a great time! We saw some dear old friends of ours in the crowd, which is always nice to see. We debuted our newest song “Just in Case” as the second song in our set. I was a little nervous. Though I’ve been listening to the recording of it for weeks, we only put the song together on Thursday, and played it Saturday. I kept forgetting the words when we practiced prior to performing, and I could never seem to come in on the right beat. Oh, well. The LORD saw fit to allow me to remember the words during the stage performance, and gave us the ability to make it through the whole song without any very obvious mistakes. Hurray!

I did enjoy the event a lot. I don’t think we’ve ever had that much room on a stage, and, this time, we had an honest-to-goodness sound-guy that fixed our mics for us. Plus, we each had our own vocal mic and our own instrument mic. Awesome! And I don’t know when I’ve had my picture taken so much as when I was singing… “Blue Water”?.. I don’t remember, exactly. But, I think the local newspaper folks must have been there to capture the whole shebang.

So, after stopping by Hoggy’s to get some highly-recommended B-B-Q, we headed home. Oh, we also stopped by the Swiss Pantry where I got a homemade oatmeal cream pie. As I took my first bite, I suddenly heard Fred Astair in my head, singing, “Heaven, I’m in Heaven…”

Yeah, well. I have a weakness for those things. It was so good!

BTW, we’ll be playing this Saturday evening at the First Baptist Church of Beech Grove. Hope to see you there!


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