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Work Around the Farm

So, for the past three days, I’ve been out with my siblings, putting up barbed wire fence around the Jersey pasture. Wow! I felt like such a “girl”! Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just that, for the past few years, if I’ve been involved in fencing, it’s meant that I hand T-Post clips to one of the fellows doing the “real work”, making sure they all have enough water, handing them staples, and helping to make sure the T-Post is straight. Yeah. Tough stuff. Well, these past few days have been good. I finally managed to get a little pink on my cheeks, and have scratched both arms all over from barbed wire. Don’t get me wrong! I don’t say that in a negative way. We’ve worked hard, accomplished a lot, and met Kyle’s and Daddy’s goals along the way. I’m happy! I don’t care about the scratches.

This afternoon, as we were nearly finished, a good friend came over to help us button up the fence, and then, shortly after, move the Jersey cows over. A thousand thanks to him for his never-ending hard work, and ever-cheerful countenance!

As for any news around the farm, I’ve got what feels like pretty big news. My own little heifer, Macushla, calved yesterday morning. Mama and baby both look to be healthy and happy. Aw! My little girl’s growing up! The Lord has seen fit to bless us with not only a healthy calf, but a heifer calf. We were all really excited to find out we’d had a girl. She’ll hopefully make just as good a companion as her mama.

As we worked with Macushla (beginning when she was only a few weeks older than this little lass), we found that treating her almost like a puppy – a well-loved family pet – produces a sweet companion who is trusting and even-tempered. It may, very well, have a lot to do with Macushla’s personality, but, I still think it can also be attributed to our closeness to her. Since we would pet her like a dog, walk with her like a dog, scratch behind her ears like a dog (Most, if not all, our Jerseys love a good scratch just between their horns), and call her like a dog, she now has almost complete trust in us. She’s not easily startled, she loves to be around us, and (a wonderful quality in a future milk cow) doesn’t mind if you touch her all over. Seriously. She could care less when we hold just above her hooves, when we work with her udder, and, really, do anything else with her. My little brother (the 8 year old – not the 15 year old) even rode on her back a couple of times last year. Not far, granted, but, the only thing about it that bothered Macushla was that she couldn’t reach his rubber boots to gnaw on. Yeah. We love her to death. :0)

Anyway, she’s had an adorable, tiny heifer calf, that I have affectionately named Avourneen. We’ll probably use nick-names to call her by. Those would include Ava, Verna, and so forth. I got the name from “A Mhuirnin” (pronounced like Avourneen – the anglicized version), which is Irish for “O Darling” or “Sweetheart” – something along those lines. I had a very hard time finding much information on it. I don’t even technically know the pronunciation, but, I’m saying it about how it looks, I reckon.

Well, this is a pretty long-winded post for me. I’ll end here.


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“Only the lonely…”

Well, half the family’s in GA, Daddy’s at work, and Kyle’s often out working around the farm. That leaves me and… myself and I? Found out yesterday I don’t really relish solitude. But, today is going better. Kyle’s been inside most of the day, and we’ve been able to do some stuff together. Plus, I’m going over to a friend’s house in a few minutes to give a fiddle lesson, bake cookies, and so forth. Not bad, eh? But, wait! There’s more. Some very dear friends are coming to supper tonight, and I’m planning on having a blast.

So far there’s no snow, but, there must be some in Centerville, cause the school bus whizzed by at about 12:30. We’re expecting it any moment, and hoping Daddy can get off work early to come on home.

Let’s see. Right now I’m listening to Dierks Bentley (did I spell all that right?) and the Grascals sing “Folsome Prison Blues”. Interesting. Not bad, just not Johnny Cash. I think my favorite song on the album is “Tiger by the Tail” with Brad Paisley. He’s just good. I thought his style blended nicely with the Buck Owens sound. Of course, I’m a little biased now about the song “The Year that Clayton Delaney Died”. I like listening to it. It was kind of weird listening to it for the first time (with the Grascals). Tom T. Hall’s voice is so familiar, now, and I’ve got a face, mannerisms, etc. to go with the voice – and, I’ve got a little of the story behind the song. Very neat.

Better go now. Over and out.

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All right, y’all. Here it comes. I’m gonna try again.

May be a little long-winded, but please read to the bottom. It’s really not too bad.

I’ve tried for several years (okay, at least 2) to round up a gang of family, friends, acquaintances, and other more random blog readers to come and support the Daniel Brantley Foundation at their annual bluegrass concert and auction. We’ve had loads of fun (despite the absence of afore mentioned gang), and plan to have a great time this year, as well.

For the past 3 years, Dailey&Vincent have been the featured act (y’all seriously missed out! It was fantastic!), and this year, the foundation is welcoming Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition (http://www.ronniereno.com/) onto the stage, as well as yours truly with Missionary Ridge.

Here’s my post from the Missionary Ridge blog. Do me the favor of reading it, getting excited, and purchasing some tickets. Spread the word! Link to the post on your blog, send it out to friends and groups that might be interested. We need all the support we can get! Donations to the foundation are welcome, and your attendance will be very appreciated.

Comment if you’re interested…Please…


The 7th annual Daniel Brantley Foundation Bluegrass Concert and Auction will be held on March 12, 2011.

Click HERE to see the flyer.


– 2 shows! 1:00 p.m and 6:00 p.m.

– Featuring Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition

Special appearance by none other than Vic “Pa” Graves, himself!

– Concessions provided by the Bell Buckle Cafe

– Tickets are available for $15 (any remaining tickets will be sold at the door)

Your ticket purchases, donations, and attendance will be going to help  families enduring the hardships of childhood cancer.

For more information, contact Tom and Connie Brantley at: (931) 212-5770 or (931) 394-2929

Send any donations and/or ticket requests to: P.O. Box 250 Beechgrove, TN 37018


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