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Our Debut

The Daniel Brantley Foundation event has come and gone already! That’s hard to believe. But, I can very honestly say that I had a BLAST! I enjoyed the first 2 years that we went, but, this year I have to say was my favorite so far. Folks seem to assume that, though I enjoyed it, I’m probably glad it’s over. Well, I don’t think I’d say that at all. I’d do it again tonight! Being on stage there at the South Jackson Civic Center was great, especially looking out to a pretty familiar audience. Plus, I got to watch other parts of the show from backstage, behind the curtain. That was pretty cool. And, between shows, I was able to hang out with some great friends, and collect a few signatures along the way.

Laura had the brilliant idea that I should start scrap-booking for Missionary Ridge, so, while we were in town the other day, we picked up some really neat scrap-book paper. We decided to dedicate one sheet to every band or group that we really like, and, as we see them, get their autographs. So, I have one sheet full of Dailey&Vincent signatures, and one sheet started by Key, their “sound guy”. That was also Laura’s idea. She said we need to get the autographs of the big names, and also, just as important, the autographs of the people that make it all work – like “sound guys”. Great idea.

I also have a sheet that I hope to fill with the names of common members of Tom Brantley & Friends, a sheet for all the names in Just Thrown Together, and, of course, all of us in Missionary Ridge. So far, I only have one signature on our page, and that’s Tyler A.’s. Hopefully I’ll get the rest at our next practice.

For pictures and videos from the event, go to Laura’s blog. She beat me to it. 🙂

Oh, we’ll be playing at the Museum of Appalachia in October. I’ll try to remember to post more details later. Stay tuned!


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