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$20 Tickets are now being sold for the 6th annual bluegrass concert and auction for the Daniel Brantley Foundation. It will be held at the South Jackson Civic Center in Tullahoma, TN (about 45 minutes from our home, and about an hour and a half from Nashville, TN). But, be fast! There are only 450 seats per show. Choose the 3:00 or 7:00 show now!

This is no ordinary event, folks! Come and enjoy an afternoon or evening of live bluegrass, delicious food, and an auction. The food will be provided by none other than the Bell Buckle Cafe, and Coffee Co. Realty will be auctioneering.

The entertainment will be provided by the great Tom Brantley & Friends, Vic Graves, and, the IBMA Entertainers of the Year, Dailey & Vincent!  

Also performing this year is the new band Missionary Ridge. No Dailey & Vincent, to be sure, but, we enjoy ourselves. Mr. Tom Brantley plays the mandolin, fiddle, and sings lead and harmonies. His wife, Connie Brantley plays the bass and sings harmonies. Mr. Timmy Nixon plays the banjo, and Kyle Bradshaw plays guitar. Yours truly will be on the fiddle, as well as singing lead and harmony vocals.


By attending this event, you will be helping children and their families enduring the hardships of childhood cancer.

Please be a part of this wonderful evening. It would be a great encouragement to all of us to have you there. Spread the word and make this the best year yet!

Friends, relations, and acquaintances have free boarding at our home for the weekend of the 24th. We have plenty of room and would love to have you.

Leave a comment if you’re interested!


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We’re doing great here. We got back a few days ago from our California trip, which you can see pictures of and read about HERE. It was great to go on a cross-country trip again! It’s been 8 years since our last one, so, Luke hadn’t even seen any of the marvels of the West. Of course, being 7 years old, he was hoping to see 3 things, in particular: cowboys, Indians, and big trees. Granted, we probably saw all three, in some form or another, but, it wasn’t quite what he expected. He was absolutely amazed at the big trees (I couldn’t have hoped for a better reaction from him when we walked up to some of the largest ones). We didn’t see any cowboys rounding up their cattle, or anything, but, we did see Indians. He didn’t know we saw them, though. I had to explain to him that the lady selling jewlry at one of our stops was an Indian. I think he was disappointed. No feathers, no tomahawks, no white man scalps hanging nearby. Bummer.

Enjoy the pictures on my sister’s blog. She did a great job posting an update for every day we were gone.

Stay tuned! I’m planning to post this morning about an upcoming event in middle Tennessee. It’s exciting! It’s for a good cause! AND it’s loads of fun!

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