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So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Really, I could have sworn I posted something recently, but, I must have dreamed it. Strange how real my dreams seem sometimes.

Time is flying by! The garden (a small one this year) is in, lots of little calves are here, and it was 94 degrees outside the other day. I can hardly believe it. And, what’s more, our family vacation is coming quickly. We only have a few weeks to finish up all our sewing projects for the trip. So far, for my new and improved summer wardrobe, I’ve made the following:

Pink calico dress

Blue gingham skirt


Cotton Blouse

Swim Suit

I also plan to make a long skort, and probably a cotton camisole. As is often the case, I have fabric for more projects than that, but, these are the things I’d like for the trip. But, beside these recent garments, I’ve also made these:

A navy dress – It’ll need some changes, though. It turned out a bit broad in the shoulders, and shorter than I like.

A red dress (bold, I know. It’s not blue!)

and may be some other things I’ve forgotten about.

The red dress I made from a vintage pattern from CoPa Patterns. They had an amazing special that we happened upon. Generally, I don’t think they even sell patterns online, but, this time they had a HUGE selection – literally thousands of patterns – ranging from patterns from the late 1800’s to the present, or close. I had a blast just looking around. But, what we took advantage of was not just a deal. You could actually download (for FREE) any pattern you liked, and as many as you liked. Most of mine came from between the years 1930 and 1950. ¬†Of course, some of these only had the pattern fronts, but, some had the pattern piece shapes, too. The pattern I used had the pictures of the pieces in pretty detailed drawings, so, hoping they were drawn to scale, I sketched them out on graph paper (guessing at how big they should be). To my very great surprise, it worked beautifully. Hopefully I’ll have a picture up soon.

Oh, and, before I end, here’s an inspirational video I ran across. Wow.


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