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Back to the Old Look

Ah, well. I decided to return to my original blog look. I guess I’ll just change the header picture when I want a new look. 🙂


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Cute Comment

So, the boys are cleaning up lunch (bless them!) while I’m over here writing a recipe down for supper. Luke’s job at lunch is to wash any dishes that might need it, so, he’s been busy doing that – tip-toeing on his stool. So, just a minute ago as he was finishing up, he said, “I think my job at lunch is an exceptionally good one. Fine job.”


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Meet Charlie

Seeing that this blog is named “fiddlingclaire”, it seems right that I should post some pictures of my new(ish) fiddle. I got it last year, but, I hardly posted anything about it… him…

My teacher and I affectionately named it Charlie.

Here he is with our bowed psaltery…

And for an interesting angle on him…

And another, this time showing our bass in the background…

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What Do You Think?

I thought it might be about time for my blog to have a new look, so, I chose this one. What do you think?

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