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Earlier this month, my Grandmother and I celebrated our birthdays. Life is good.

We decided just to use the number candles. 97 candles on one cake might not have been such a great idea…

We had a very good time this year. Our birthdays are exactly one week apart, so, as usual, we celebrated them on the same weekend. The cake is a DELICIOUS white chocolate cranberry layer cake with white chocolate icing. I found the recipe in Better Homes and Gardens, I think. It was very good, but, very rich!



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Here are some pictures I took, probably less than 3 hours after the snow started.

Since then we’ve gotten at least another inch, if not more. It’s incredible!

I like this one…



This is my personal favorite. If you look closely, you can see the single line of footprints on the sidewalk. It all looks like a post card.  

I may post some more up-to-date pictures this afternoon.

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