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Name six names you go by: Claire, Clairzie (I never thought about spelling this one!), E-Claire… I’m short on nick-names. Does it count if I put down all the names I answer to? Laura, Carol, Suzie, “Hey, You!”, Ma’am, Miss, Lady, “Whatever-your-name-is”, etc.

Three things you’re wearing right now: A 3/4-length-sleeve shirt, an old dress, socks

Three things you want very badly right now: Wow, let’s see. I’d like a trip to CA to see our extended family and friends. I’d like some unheard-of opportunity to sing/play with Dailey&Vincent, or Josh Turner, or Michael Buble, or someone. But, far above these things, I want a buyer to come to our house.

Three things you did last night/yesterday. I worked on putting more of my book on the computer while doing math with Kyle and folding laundry in between.

Two things you ate today:  Some of Laura’s cookies, fudge, and some chocolate chip cookies. Don’t you love Christmas?
Two people you talked to last on the phone: Probably Daddy and Grammy.

Two things you are going to do today/tomorrow:  Lord willing, we will put up our Christmas tree today and decorate it either tonight or tomorrow, and I’ll work some more on my book.

Your three favorite beverages: Favorites? I dunno. May be water, “fizzy/fuzzy” water, and a good cream soda. Or, may be our homemade Ginger Ale. Or…

Hey, look! I think that’s it.

So long.


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