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Family photos really bring the personality out, don’t they?

Here we kids are with our cousin…

2009-08-06 060

Smithville Fiddlers Jamboree

2009-08-06 037

Fun day in Franklin

Wah ha ha hoo!!!

2009-08-06 238Since when did they stop using real tires for tire swings? This thing was HARD plastic!


2009-08-06 255

2009-08-06 259

2009-08-06 261

2009-08-06 224

Here is my little Macushla…

2009-08-06 302


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Hello, again! It’s been a while, I know, but my blog simply doesn’t rank as one of my top priorities.

I’ll give an update, a sketch, and a favorite song that I’ve worked on.

Here are some of the highlights of the past few days… weeks… months:

On the 4th of July, I and my family went to Smithville for the fiddler’s jamboree. That was so much fun! I entered two contests, but didn’t place anything. It was my first competition with my fiddle, and I enjoyed every moment of it!

A few weeks later, my fiddle teacher, along with a friend of his, finished my new fiddle!!! Only, it’s far from new, really. It’s over 100 years¬† old. I LOVE it! But, being left-handed, I realized when I played it for the first time that the pegs were put in the wrong order (right-handed), making it a bit difficult to play in B flat. Oh, well. Back to the shop for a while…

On July 25 (I think) we went to the Daniel Brantley Foundation. We had a blast! We met in the Tullahoma Civic Center and enjoyed a high-action auction (it would be impossible to explain. Come next year and you can see it for yourself! ;)), lots of bluegrass from various folks, including Dailey & Vincent. Gotta love ’em! Here are some pictures:

Mr. Brantley and Friends…

2009-08-06 113

2009-08-06 139

When I mentioned the “High Action Auction”…

2009-08-06 165

2009-08-06 184

And Dailey & Vincent!

Adam Haynes, Jeff Parker, Jamie Dailey, Darin Vincent, and Joe Dean…

2009-08-06 190

Now, I’ll skip a few more days and move on to the day before yesterday. I bought myself a pretty little Jersey Heifer from a man in Monterey. Everything’s going splendidly, so far. Macushla (that’s what we decided to name her) is 4 months old, a little shy, and beautiful. Funny, I remember thinking 5 or 6 years ago how weird it was that some people actually thought cows were pretty. Now, after being around a bunch of cows for a few years, I understand. I’ll try to post a picture of her soon, so you can see for yourself. Now… Does anyone know of another cow named Macushla? Think “old movies” and see if you remember. It’s one of our favorites. But, even apart from the movie, I like the name. It means darling, or dear one.

When Daddy and I, along with my little brother, got home with Macushla, Mama had picked up my fiddle. It’s finished! They put very pretty pegs in and gave it a gorgeous case.¬† Yep. I’m happy.

Now, for the sketch:

Vase of Flowers with oval frame

Nothing much.

And as for the favorite song, I’m not sure. I like so many of them! I really enjoy playing Fisher’s Hornpipe and Ragtime Annie. Those may be my favorites at present.

Until next time!

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