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Our New Favorite

Hello again! Here’s a video clip of our new favorite actor/dancer/singer/comedian/musician and whatever all else he could do. It seems he was talented in many areas.

Here he is. Donald O’Connor in Singin’ In the Rain

After watching this scene, my 6 year old brother commented (very seriously) to Mama, who was sitting next to him,

“He’s really squirmy, Mama.”


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An Interesting Quote

Look! I’ve found something else to blog!

A favorite of mine once stated something like,

“It’s not so bad being pessimistic. You’re always either prooven right, or pleasantly surprised.”

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Time Flies…

…when you’re having fun.

Last night a few of us were thinking back to when we first visited Heritage church. Wow! We’ve all changed!

Here are some favorite pictures from the past three years.

Look at the cute little boy on the left! 🙂

Ahh. Our first Reformation Day… with potato guns!

Look! No beard!


Aww! He’s so adorable. And to think, he’s six years old now!


I couldn’t help but laugh at these next few…

A particular favorite…:)




These next few are from our barn-raising in 2006


Uhhh. Calvin?


“Slack on purple! Slack!”… “Chris, Chris, Chris, SLACK!”

“Y’all come back, now, ya hear!”


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I’m Posting!

Wow! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted!

So, now the question: What do I post about?

Well, I’ll start with recent news. I’ll do it in picture form starting with some pics from a week or two ago.

You wont believe it… but I…



…donated 14 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.

It took me months to decide whether or not I should do it, but I thought, it’ll grow back soon enough. I cut it when I was 11 years old and donated it then, too, so, obviously, it grows back just fine!

Moving on, we visited some very dear friends over a weekend and had a blast!

Here we are: The older kids playing Pit…

Yes, we enjoyed ourselves… 🙂

I’d better go, but I’ll post more pictures soon… may be…

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