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So, I have a co-blogger?

Thanks for the picture, Reformed TN Girl.


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I took the quiz that Reformed TN Girl has on her side bar. I actually turned out to be most like Arwen. Who would’ve guessed??? Not I. However I find that really neat. Calm, totally cool, plenty of people like me, content to wait for my night in shining armor. Hmmm. Perhaps I should strive to be more like that description…



You are most like Arwen. Calm and reserved, you are not given to sudden outbursts. You conduct yourself with dignity…most of the time. The rest of the time you cut loose are are totally cool. You don’t really think of yourself as popular, but plenty of people like you. You are not given to needless flirting. The right person will come along some day, and you are content to wait.

Who are you? Find out HERE


Okay, everyone, cooperate with me, and we’ll see how long it takes Claire to notice I added the image. I thought it went quite well with the discription! 😛


Well. I think I like Arwen better. This is what happened when my brother and sister did the quiz for me…

You are most like Frodo. You’re very friendly, and you have a great personality. Although you like to have fun, you can also be pretty serious at times. It’s pretty hard to get you mad, but once you’re mad…everybody better look out! Keep that temper under control and realize that you’re better off than you may think.

I guess it fits pretty well. 🙂

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This is to be played poco alegro, con affecto. I love this song, but it’ll take me a long time to learn it.

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Recital, etc.

Hello, y’all. I sit here in front of the computer, once again trying to compose another post. My 5 year old brother is presently taking a comb to my very long hair, stating with satisfaction and confidance, “I’m gonna curl yer hair… uhg… I never can curl yer hair…” I never can either, but, he’s enjoying himself. Ouch. The comb may be stuck in a moment. At least he’s combing down… most of the time. “Don’t worry, Claire. I’m doing just what I need to do. Hmm. Yer hair doesn’t look very good…” Is it a bad thing when he says, “Arrgh…” and pulls with all his might, trying to get the comb out? “You’d better pull, Claire.”

I just adore little boys.

Little Boys


Now, on to the recital. “Am I hurtin’ yer hair really bad? You so shouldn’t put this on yer blog…” We had a great time. There were just a few of us playing, but it was fun. I was the next to the last player. “I’m gettin’ all covered up with hair… Humph. I’m gonna go get a brush.” The girls were just absolutely lovely! And they played so well! They amazed me. “Am I pullin’ most of yer hair out?” Hopefully by the next recital, both of my brothers will be ready to play some, too.  “I put a pencil in yer hair!” He put a pencil in my hair? Well, that’s better than the hotwheel that he said he was going to “Decorate” my hair with a minute ago. “I put a ball in yer hair! You have three things in yer hair, now.” Three? What on earth could he have in there? “Now you have five things. A pencil, a sharpie, a brush, a comb and a ball. Hmm. I’d better take those things out.” Ahah. To continue: The evening of the recital was splendid. I heard the recital itself lasted a little over a half hour. Not long, but very neat. After it was over, we got pictures and all went over to the Harvest Grill for ice cream. After that, we went home… I mean, back to Coble. There we watched National Treasure 2 while waiting for the Davis family to arrive.

The next day was full of cooking and other work and fellowship. My father dropped me and a friend off at her grandparents’ house in the afternoon. There we enjoyed some more wonderful fellowship and prepared for Caleb’s and Pastor Lovett’s birthday. I had the honor of “being a Lovett” (as they said) that evening for supper. After supper lots of folks came over for dessert and fellowship. What fun!!!

I’d better go now. 🙂


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We have recently come back from Illinois where we were visiting some dear friends and meeting a bunch of new ones. 🙂 You can read more about it at these sites:

My sister’s blog

The Lovett’s blog

Interestingly, you can see this same picture, only from the back on the Lovett’s blog. (Sorry for the not-so-great quality, but I thought it was kind of neat that we had the same pic.)

Note how many of my little baby steps would have to be taken to keep up with his giant leeps. 😉

Virginia Reel

I had so much fun!


Moving on – here’s a link to some more dear friends’ new website.

Beaver Dam Creek Farm


Now for my music updates:

I am currently fiddling Uncle Joe, Year of Jubilo, Ook Pick (aka Canadian or Baby Doll) waltz, Mississippi Waltz, Old Ebenezer Scrooge, etc.

Currently singing Tennessee Stud, Psalm 4b, Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy, etc.

Piano Pieces: Fur Elise, Prelude in C, Tennessee Stud, lots and lots of other stuff…

So, now you know what I like to play/sing. What sorts of things do I like to listen to? I was recently visiting The Blog of the Irish (the blog of a young man we’ver met once or twice) and I listened to some of the music on his play list. I love the Last of the Mohicans song, as well as Going Home by Mary Fahl. I’d like to learn the one by Mary Fahl. She sings low, so I can actually sing along! 🙂 There’s a lot of great songs there.

I think that’s all for now.



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Brain Types


My “Older-younger” brother and I took this brain types quiz this afternoon. We both took it twice. I got the same “brain-type” both times, but my brother got a couple of different results, neither of which fit him very well. Here are our results:

My brother is supposedly either an athlete (fine motor skilled) or a logician (logical abstraction skilled)

BEIR / ISTP “Athlete”
artful with machines, tools, and hands; seeks action and excitement; superb tactician—seizing the moment; athletic, competitive, witty but usually not wordy; street smart; ever-thinking; can be intense with deep convictions; adaptive; fine motor skilled.

BCIR / INTP “Logician”
master of conceptual logic; problem-solver; scientific—desires understanding of universe; designs logical models; seeks precision; introspective; adaptable; tends to excel in theoretical, philosophical subjects; logical abstraction skilled.

I turned out to be a motivator (language skilled)

FCAR / ENFP “Motivator”
highly energetic; enthusiastic, charming, imaginative, improvisational; sees possibilities; spontaneous; easily bored with repetition; enjoys solving people’s problems; catalyst, marketer, language skilled.

Now, whether that fits me well or not, I don’t really know. I am generally very energetic (does talketive and dramatic come with that?…) and I’ve certainly been known to get bored with repetition, so, may be the other stuff fits me, too. Who knows.

What are you???


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Hello Again

Howdy, y’all, I’m back! Here’s a brief update.

Monday, April 21st: We – me and all my siblings – played and sang for the laity meeting at one of Granddaddy’s churches. The sound could definately have been better in that sanctuary (okay, so, no one could hear us except ourselves), but, I enjoyed myself anyway.

Wednesday, April 23rd: I had another great fiddle lesson. Right after we got home from that, Daddy took me and my sister up to Nashville to pick up his mother from rehab. She recently had a hip replaced. Daddy drove us from there to Grammy E.’s (his mother) house. My sister and I stayed to help out (cook, clean, etc.) until Saturday.

Saturday, April 26th: Mama, Daddy and the boys came in the morning to pick me and my sister up. We all left from there to go enjoy another wonderful weekend with our church family.

The Lord’s Day, April 27th: Enjoyed a pretty normal Lord’s Day rest. Laura and I were dropped of at Grammy E.’s house again that night to help out and enjoy getting to know our grandmother even better.

Tuesday, April 29th: Daddy came around 2:20 p.m. or so, and we took Grammy E. to her doctor’s appointment. She was going to get her stiches out, but it turned out that they decided to keep her at the hospital for at least two more days. They scheduled yet another surgery. So, Daddy, my sister and I  went back to his mother’s house, picked up her bit of luggage (and all of ours), went back to the hospital and got Grammy settled in her room. We said our farewells and came home.

Wednesday, April 30th: Normal Wednesday today. Mama took me to fiddle lessons, then grocery shopping. I am now working on a few songs, and I love them all!

Stoney Lonesome,

Goin’ Up Big Sandy,

Snowflake Reel,

Panhandle Country,

Canadian (or Ook Pick) Waltz.

NOTE: This Saturday evening we’re hoping to attend a fund raising, bluegrass playing, supper eating gathering at the Noah Community Center. Supper starts at 5:00 p.m., music starts at 6:00. I know a couple of the musicians, and I know they’re great! Mr. Tom Brantley and Tyler Anderson have both played at various events that we’ve attended, and we’ve really enjoyed hearing them both.

NOTE #2: Sorry, this post got published a day later than I had intended. 🙂


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