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Hello again. Yesterday I had another wonderful fiddle lesson. I enjoy them more and more! This week’s songs are Stony Lonesome and Snowflake Reel. They’re not easy, but I’m figuring out that I enjoy a bit of a challenge on the fiddle. ­čÖé

We (me, my two brothers and my sister) have been practicing for an upcoming “performance” at one of Granddaddy’s churches. I always enjoy playing/singing there, and am looking forward to doing it once again. We still haven’t quite sorted through the songs we want to do. I’ll probably play a couple of fiddle tunes, play the piano and sing, and we may even sing a-capella (or however you spell that)┬áon one or two. Even my “little-little brother” (5 years old) may sing melody on Search Me O God and┬á On Jordon’s Stormy Banks. He loves the latter one and can sing quite well on both. It’s so nice to have another person singing with us, now. All our voices had tended toward the parts other than melody. I usually sing tenor, my sister does alto (making it difficult when only she and I sing… It works much nicer with melody ­čśë ) and my “big-little brother” (who just turned 13) sings bass. Now, if we keep up the practicing, we’ll have all four parts! How neat is that?!?!

Let’s see… Last night we watched the movie “Along Came Jones,” starring Gary Cooper and Loretta Young (never make the mistake of calling her Loretta Lynn… trust me, I know). That is probably one of my favorite movies (of course, I really enjoy Gary Cooper and Loretta Young). One of these days I’d like to be able to shoot like Loretta Young’s character┬ádoes in this movie.┬á(At the moment, my skills in that area are┬ámore like the ones of who Gary Cooper plays┬á­čÖé )┬á

Here’s a picture I drew a while back of Loretta Young. Not great, I know, but I’ve enjoyed working on it.

Loretta Young


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My little brother recently informed me that he “didn’t like rainy days.” Of course, it would’ve been easy to agree with him since we were, at that moment, working in the barn while it was pouring rain. However, I remembered the last couple of summers, and could more easily love the rain than dislike it. So, I decided to show him one way to enjoy the wet days that we’ve had. Here are some pictures I took of our little afternoon together:

Rainy Days

We found this puddle in the middle of one of our pastures. It collected most of the run off from the surrounding hills, so it was a pretty good size . This little boy was thrilled to see how big and deep it was. When we got out there and he began splashing, he commented with more than a little excitement,

“I’ve never gotten to do this, Claire!”

The Puddle


“Hey, Claire, now I like the rain…”

More Fun!

After playing here for awhile, we took a little hike to the bit of woods in an adjoining pasture. That was fun, too!

In the Woods

We found a separate patch of trees that were very lovely. The roots formed steps all around, so we had to try them out. ­čÖé

A Patch of Trees

All Natural, Un-Certified Organic Steps

After that came some more splashing. My “big little brother” came out and joined us for a few minutes.

More Splashing

Brothers Having Fun

I confess that I’d forgotten how much fun you can have on such wet and rainy days. However, this was a bit new for both me and my little brother. I was no longer the little girl wanting to do more, more, more. I was the superviser who helped in the fun, then eventually the one who had to say “Let’s go inside now.” We both loved it all!

After we came inside and changed into dry clothes, the two of us relaxed on the front porch. We drank water and ate honey-roasted peanuts, then sat down on the swing and rested/sang and talked. Simple, but unforgettable.

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