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This Saturday a family is coming to look at our house. We will likely be away from home while they’re here, but there’s been a lot to do to prepare for their coming. And in the midst of it all, the garden has needed tending to as well.

I had fiddle lessons again yesterday. I am now working primarily on three songs: Patty on the Turnpike, Dreamer’s Waltz, and Arkansas Traveler.

Garden Tools


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Five Years Old
This is a picture that I drew of my cute little cousin (from a not-so-recent photograph). I can’t believe he’s already turning five years old! Happy birthday little man!


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I see I haven’t blogged in a week or so. I’ll give a general update.

Today I went to have fiddle lessons again. I’m still working on “Patty on the Turnpike” and am absolutely loving it. I also started learning “Dreamer’s Waltz” today, but it may take longer to learn than the last song. Sliding to different positions has always been a challenge for me (and this song certainly does that), but I am learning. There’s nothing like learning a new song!

This week we’ve been preparing our garden. We’ve already planted most of our seeds in seed blocks (See Allelon Farm or Reformed TN Girl for better detail) and have been tilling the garden spots, adding manure as we go. I believe I’ve got a touch of Spring Fever…

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Fiddle Lessons

This afternoon I had fiddle lessons with my fiddle teacher. He is an incredible fiddle player and friend. The lessons are pretty laid back. We rarely use sheet music of any kind during the lessons. I simply watch and listen to what he plays, and we work through it together. This week I am learning “Patty on the Turnpike.” During the lesson, we also listened to a song or two off of a record by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I love bluegrass!

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My family has always listened to bluegrass, though we have certainly listened to it much more in the past few years. As we began to listen to it more, there was a home schooled, family band that soon became a favorite of ours. We met them a couple of years ago in Nashville, and still enjoy their music, though their style has changed a bit since we first heard it.

You can check out their website at www.wellsfamilyband.com.

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First Post

Welcome to my blog! Here I plan to work primarily on my sketches and talk about bluegrass.

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